Controlling my curtains with Domoticz - Dooya motors, Broadlink RM Pro, RF 433MHz

I have two Dooya motors DT82TN with a DC2760 remote control, which is 433MHz. After a lot of investigations and experiments, I got them working with Domoticz (running on a Raspberry Pi), using a Broadlink RM2 (now called RM Pro+):

  • The Broadlink RM2 supports 433MHz. The official Broadlink app is cloud-based and can “learn” the codes to operate the Dooya, but I abandoned this since I want integration with my domotica system, not just another app on my phone.

  • The software at works with Broadlink devices, but does not integrate well with the RM2. So, I only use this for my thermostat, not for the Dooya curtains.

  • The “official” Domoticz plugin described at is an old version, that is not supported any more - as stated at the top of the page.

  • The “zak45” Domoticz plugin that works is described at to be downloaded at zak45’s Nextcloud drive:

  • This latter plugin is not easy to use, and has special added webpages to Domoticz. It is however able to use the RM2 to “learn” IR and RF codes from the UI of Domoticz. However, there is a bug due to which the learning of RF codes does not work from the UI.

  • I was able to use the command line on the RaspberryPi with the above given plugins to detect Broadlink devices. And this way, I could also learn the 4 RF codes I needed for my 2 curtains: open/close for each. This gave me the code as some numbers, which I stored in a text file.

  • Since the IR learning works, I used this to learn 4 commands, and then looked where these codes were stored on the Raspberry, and replaced them with the RF codes. This was easy.

  • Just a tip: I use Dolphin with location fish://raspberrypi/ to browse and edit the files on the Raspberry from my desktop PC.