Solar car charger

I made my car charge on excess solar energy only

Low power Hall effect sensor for battery powered security systems

I am looking for a low power Hall effect sensor for battery powered security systems, and found the Honeywell SL353LT

Proxmox DHCP IPv6 problem

Proxmox DHCP IPv6 problem with networking service - No DHCPv6 client software found

Controlling my curtains with Domoticz

Controlling my curtains with Domoticz - Dooya motors, Broadlink RM Pro, RF 433MHz

Requirements for a tool to document requirements

Some requirements I have for a tool that I can use to document requirements

How to see all Hypothesis annotations on this website

The API of hypothesis allows to search for annotations made on this website!

Chocolatey works!

Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows, which means it can install/update/remove applications for you. Every application is installed in the same way.

Getting started with Camunda

Camunda is an enterprise platform for workflow and decision automation. Since I had time, and wanted to learn about Camunda, and I implemented a pilot projec...

Using Hypothesis for comments

This website now allows commenting with hypothesis. Annotate the web, with anyone, anywhere!

Microformats are amazing

In which I enjoy using microformats.I added “rel=me” links to the home page of this website, for some of my profiles at commercial social media companies. So...

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