Some requirements I have for a tool that I can use to document requirements


Some requirements I have for a tool that I can use to document requirements:

  1. Allow to add structure to the document: requirements are hierarchical.
  2. Support for executing the review procedure.
  3. Allow consistent formatting of elements, based on the requirements meta-model.
  4. Clickable links in the document, leading to another place in the document, or URLs to external websites or tools, e.g. a issue tracker.
  5. Support incorporating figures made by external tools, e.g. prototypes, screenshots, drawings, diagrams in UML / BPMN / DMN.
  6. Support construction of tables: small or large, simple or complex. For documenting all kinds of structured data, like translations for strings, etc.
  7. Allow making a connection between elements of the functional analysis and architecture elements or test descriptions.
  8. Record changes, versioning, showing difference between versions.
  9. Tagging of elements: allow showing an extract with only certain tagged items.
  10. Treat the document as a database, for which we can make several different views. E. g. collecting all definitions in the document, for generating a glossary.
  11. Security / confidential information / access rights: shield certain parts of the document from the view of persons with roles.


Some tools that I have worked with:

  1. A single MSWord document stored on Sharepoint, combined with Jira issue tracker.
  2. A Confluence wiki linked to a Jira issue tracker.
  3. A website build with Sphinx, stored on Github.

Some tools I have seen being used to generate PDF or MSWord documents from a model:

  1. Visual Paradigm,
  2. Enterprise Architect.