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Controlling my curtains with Domoticz Post Controlling my curtains with Domoticz - Dooya motors, Broadlink RM Pro, RF 433MHz
Requirements for a tool to document requirements Post Some requirements I have for a tool that I can use to document requirements
How to see all Hypothesis annotations on this website Post The API of hypothesis allows to search for annotations made on this website!
Chocolatey works! Post Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows, which means it can install/update/remove applications for you. Every application is installed in the same way.
Getting started with Camunda Post Camunda is an enterprise platform for workflow and decision automation. Since I had time, and wanted to learn about Camunda, and I implemented a pilot project with this versatile tool.
Using Hypothesis for comments Post This website now allows commenting with hypothesis. Annotate the web, with anyone, anywhere!
Microformats are amazing Post In which I enjoy using microformats.I added “rel=me” links to the home page of this website, for some of my profiles at commercial social media companies. So, from now on, everyone can verify that this website and the related profiles are about the same person.
Second part done - About my domotica Post The second part of this website is created - About my domotica. I have been working on this website for years. Domotica is my hobby.
First part done - About me Post The fist part of this website is created - About me!
Welcome to this website! Post Mostly due to my growing despise for LinkedIn, and the attempt by a few years back to get us all to store our LinkedIn data at, my desire to do something with the zip file from LinkedIn that contains all my stuff, finally grew into this website.