My positions through the years ...
Company Name Title Description Location Started On Finished On
The Business Analysts Functional Analyst Member of the 40 persons consulting group "The Business Analysts" at Cronos, completing several projects at different customers. See "Consulting Projects" and Antwerp, Belgium 2008-01
Philips Consumer Electronics Functional Analyst - Business Analyst - Requirements Process Innovator / Coach Requirements management as Business Analyst, Functional Analyst Change management, Managing feature diversity, Portfolio Management Usability and UI Design Process Documentation, Process Innovation (e.g. the introduction of use cases) Technical TV design Coaching an international multidisciplinary requirements team Bruges, Belgium 1995-06 2008-01
TME (Trade Mark Electronics) Electronics hardware designer, Embedded software designer Production process Electronics hardware design, embedded software design. Production, test, installation in the field (also international), repairs. Specifying parts, buying. Making part-lists, follow-up orders, stock management. Leading a production team. Writing manuals in several languages, instructing the customer. Writing test procedures, quality control, packing. Hardware - Analog electronics: opamp, power supply, DC/DC convertor, audio-circuits, noise, electrostatic discharges, motor-controls with MOSFETs, multiplexers, ... - Digital electronics: ADC, DAC, PAL, GAL, UART, FIFO, Watchdog, RTC, LCD controller, SRAM, EPROM, timer/counter, parallel IO, high/low side drivers, ... - Communication: current loop, RS232, RS485 party-line. - Processors: in own design Z80 and 8031-8751, also worked with 68000 and PC. - Magnetic en optical sensors. - Stepper-motors and DC motors. - Industrial PCs with peripherals (assembling and test). - Switching power supplies (repair). - VGA Monitors (assembling). - Industrial displays (magnetic, LED), keyboards. - Cabling and electricity. - Mechanical parts (design and drawing). Software - Assembler (native) on the 8080, 8085, 6802, 6809, 6502, Z80, 68008, 68000, 68020. - Cross-development on PC in assembler and C for the Z80 and 8031-8751 series. - Programming languages: BASIC in divers dialects, Pascal, Fortran, Rexx, en especially C. - OOP languages: Visual BASIC, ObjectPAL (of Paradox for Windows). - OSs and GUIs: CP/M, MSDOS, Windows, OS/2, commercial RT kernel, UNIX on Apollo, QDOS, AmigaDOS, RISC OS. - Applications: dBASE IV, Wordperfect, Excel, Paradox voor Windows, QEMM, PC-Tools, Norton utilities, PKZIP, Hijaak, Procomm, ... - CAD: SmartWork, Schema III of Omation, Pads PCB, AutoSketch, PALASM, 3D-Studio. - Own implementation: Communication protocols, real-time multitasking kernel, stepper-motor controls, ... Antwerp, Belgium 1988-09 1995-06
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