The projects I support or supported in my own time.
Title Description Start Date End Date
Domotica of my house When reconstructing our house, I automated the lights, the blinds, a curtain, added door/window sensors, temperature and humidity sensors all over the house. Based on the MySensors radio network and the Controllino: a PLC programmed with the Arduino platform. 2018-01 2019-04
ArgoUML ArgoUML was the leading open source UML modelling tool and includes support for all standard UML 1.4 diagrams. It runs on any Java platform and is available in ten languages. See I made over 3000 commits amending the manual (in docbook formaat), solving bugs and writing new subsystems (in Java). 2004-05 2014-10
Mentor at Google Summer of Code 2008 Mentor at the Google Summer of Code 2008. Project: ArgoUML. Student: Marcos Aurelio Subject: Improving the critics subsystem. 2008-03 2008-08
Mentor at Google Summer of Code 2007 During the 2007 GSOC I mentored Aleksandar Vučetić who was able to attribute some important code. Project: ArgoUML. 2007-03 2007-08
Mentor at Google Summer of Code 2006 During the 2006 GSOC I mentored Andrea Nironi. Project: ArgoUML. 2006-03 2006-09
Webmaster voor de “Academie voor Muziek en Woord de Noorderkempen” I created this website at with Drupal 6 in 2009, updated it in 2015 to Drupal 7 and have all this time maintained it. In 2019 a company took over. 2009-11 2018-12
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