The recommendations I received ...
First Name Last Name Company Job Title Text Creation Date
Nick Oostvogels Coach/Product Manager & Founder I worked with Michiel on a large project in a changing organization. I really enjoyed his professionalism and critical view. He always made me reflect on my solutions which kept me sharp. Michiel manages to capture requirements in pragmatic but uniform way, which is not something you learn over night! 2012-02-01
Guy Van Hooveld Smals Member of the executive committee Michiel is a quality driven engineer, reliable, with an attention to details. He also accumulates knowledge of the domains he has to deal with. He has experience in working with different disciplines (like development, hardware, software, product marketing). I have been happy with his performance when he was working in my department (software development). 2008-04-03
Aleksandar Vucetic ProfitOptics, Inc. CTO During my work on Google Summer of Code 2007 I was very lucky to be mentored by Michiel, one of the most important contributors to the ArgoUML. He helped me a lot to get knowledge about ArgoUML project, code, documentation and community. He also did code reviews of my work, putting a lot of effort into it, which really helped me to learn something new, not just about ArgoUML, but also Java programming. For sure, Michiel is one of the persons that you would like to work with, reasonable, hardworking and always ready to help. 2008-04-02
Andrea Nironi EFSA Web Developer Michiel is one of the brightest and most talented PM I've had the pleasure to work with. He's a very friendly, hard work and reliable person. Michiel's employment would be a valuable asset to any employer considering him for a job. 2008-05-01
Rama Moorthy Anantharaman TP Vision Senior Software Architect I've known Michiel for about 7 years, and worked with him in the same projects. As a person, he is extremely friendly and supportive. He has very good abstraction skills, which is essential to analyse and define the functional and business requirements for product families. He takes initiative in creating innovative solutions to complex problems, and also is very open to new ideas. He has shown deep interest in process definitions by creating new methodologies, especially using the Unified Modeling Language framework. He has specialised in dealing with diversities within product families and capturing them in a structured manner. He is very organised, systematic and formal in his work. He gets into the details, and looks for perfect solutions. He likes challenges, and responds positively. I enjoyed working with Michiel. 2008-04-01
Linus Tolke Scania Group System├Ągare ArgoUML is an open source project developing an open source UML tool in Java. All contributors volunteer their knowledge and time for the benefit of the common project. Michiel van der Wulp has been working in the ArgoUML project for several years. He has contributed a lot in several different area such as work with the User Manual, work with the source code and twice as a mentor in the Google Summer of Code. On his initiative, Michiel van der Wulp was mentor of the most challenging but also the most beneficiary student project for the ArgoUML project. It is a project constituting a bug fixing journey that is very demanding from the mentor. Thanks to Michiel van der Wulp, these projects were successful both when the student work according to plan and when the student didn't. I think Michiel van der Wulp is a great contributor to the project on many levels and an asset for the ArgoUML community. 2008-03-31
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