A list of discrete components
Name Description Deployed on Node/Module Documentation at URL
Breadboard A big breadboard for prototyping on which the PowerSupply_YwRobot fits    
IRLZ44N IRLZ44N Logic Level gate drive power MOSFET in TO-220 package DeltaTempFanController  
LM6142 LM6142 Dual Low-voltage Rail-to-rail Operational Amplifiers EnergyMonitor  
NTC Thermistor Resistor 47D-15 NTC47D15    
PCF8574 PCF8574 8-bit I/O Expander for I2C bus    
Relay HF41F Hongfa Relay HF41F Subminiature 6A 170mW    
SCT013-Split-core-current-transformer SCT013 30A/1V Split core current transformer    
Watchdog STWD100 STWD100 Watchdog timer circuit SOT23-5 CO2-Node-T6703-5K  
VDR Zinc Oxide Varistor 10D391K VDR - MOV - Zinc Oxide Varistor 10D391K, used for over-voltage protection DeltaTempFanController  
WS2812B Addressable LED WS2812B LED Individually Addressable