• Build a MySensors repeater with the material in stock, to test if it would solve the problems with the sensors in the back of the house.
  • Added a Si7021 module to measure temperature and humidity.




MISO = M1, MOSI = M0

Component Pin Wire/Component Pin Component
NRF24L01+ Adapter +3.3V red 5V Breadboard
NRF24L01+ Adapter GND brown GND Breadboard
NRF24L01+ Adapter CE blue 9 ArduinoProMini5V
NRF24L01+ Adapter CSN purple 10 ArduinoProMini5V
NRF24L01+ Adapter SCK yellow 13 ArduinoProMini5V
NRF24L01+ Adapter M0 (MOSI) gray 11 ArduinoProMini5V
NRF24L01+ Adapter M1 (MISO) white 12 ArduinoProMini5V
NRF24L01+ Adapter IRQ green 2 ArduinoProMini5V
ArduinoProMini5V VCC red 5V Breadboard
ArduinoProMini5V GND black GND Breadboard
Si7021Module VCC red VCC ArduinoProMini5V
Si7021Module GND black GND ArduinoProMini5V
Si7021Module SCL Purple A5 ArduinoProMini5V
Si7021Module SDA Green A4 ArduinoProMini5V


  • Use Platformio, see platformio.ini file.
  • Board: Arduino Pro or Pro Mini
  • Processor: ATmega328P (5V, 16MHz)
  • Serial monitor: 19200 Baud

Code at: RepeaterProMini.ino

Tags: domotica nodes