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NRF24L01+ Wireless Module 2.4G Wireless Communication Module Upgrade Module

Ball to open ISM band maximum 0dBm transmit power, license-exempt use. The open 100 meters! Support six channels of data reception

  1. low operating voltage: 1.9 ~~ 3.6V low-voltage
  2. high-rate: 2Mbps, air transmission time is very short, greatly reducing the wireless transmission of collision phenomena (software settings 1Mbps or 2Mbps air transmission rate)
  3. Multi-frequency points: 125 frequency points, to meet the multi-point communications and frequency hopping communications needs
  4. Ultra-compact: built-in 2.4GHz antenna compact 15x29mm (including antenna)
  5. Low power consumption: when in answer mode communication, fast air transmission and start-up time greatly reduces the current consumption.

Low application cost: NRF24L01 integrates all RF protocol high-speed signal processing section, such as: automatically resend lost packets and automatically generate an acknowledge signal, etc.

The nRF24L01 SPI interface can take advantage of the microcontroller hardware SPI port or microcontroller I / O port to simulate the internal FIFO can be used with a variety of low-speed microprocessor interface, easy to use low-cost microcontroller.


NOTE: The input pins on the NRF24L01+ is 5V tolerant. However, you cannot feed the module with more than 3.3V on VCC. If you use a 5V Arduino you have to use a step-down regulator!