The gateway between the NRF24L01+ network and the intranet

Design principles

  • The whole wireless network makes use of the last channel: MY_RF24_CHANNEL = 125. This in the hope that it will disturb the Wifi less. According to the NRF24L01+ product specification, the RF channel frequency is (2400 + 125) MHz = 2525 MHz. The Wifi channels stay below 2500MHz (according wikipedia), so there is no overlap!
  • The IP address is assigned dynamically by the router by DHCP.
  • The port used is 5003.
  • The MAC address is 0xDEADBEEFFEED.



Component Pin Wire Pin Component
NRF24L01+ Adapter VCC red 5V PowerSupply HLK-PM01
NRF24L01+ Adapter GND brown GND PowerSupply HLK-PM01
NRF24L01+ Adapter CE white D5 ArduinoNano5V
NRF24L01+ Adapter CSN grey D6 ArduinoNano5V
NRF24L01+ Adapter SCK purple A0 (= 14 in the code) ArduinoNano5V
NRF24L01+ Adapter M0 (MOSI) blue A1 (= 15 in the code) ArduinoNano5V
NRF24L01+ Adapter M1 (MISO) green A2 (= 16 in the code) ArduinoNano5V
ArduinoNano5V 5V red 5V PowerSupply HLK-PM01
ArduinoNano5V GND black GND PowerSupply HLK-PM01
W5100 Ethernet +5 red 5V PowerSupply HLK-PM01
W5100 Ethernet G brown GND PowerSupply HLK-PM01
W5100 Ethernet CK (SCK) orange D13 ArduinoNano5V
W5100 Ethernet M1 (MISO/SO) green D12 ArduinoNano5V
W5100 Ethernet M0 (MOSI/SI) yellow D11 ArduinoNano5V
W5100 Ethernet SS (SS/CS) blue D10 ArduinoNano5V


API documentation and Debug

See the following links:

Description Link
Serial API
Debug explanation
Debug detailed encoding
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