• input 3..32V DC
  • ouput 250V AC maximum 3A
  • output triac BT137-800
  • opto-coupler with zero-cross triac driver EL3083
  • green LED indicates input active low
  • input trigger current 5mA (for a EL3083)

Supplier information

  • This Ultra-thin port type relay is mainly used between the PLC controller and actuators, coupling switch amplification
  • AC solid state relay output, no spark, wear-resistance, durable
  • Overall shrinkage volume for saving space, TS - 35 rail installation
  • With LED input state indicator, IP20 protection shell contactless
  • Adjacent relay can bridge, fast connection operation
  • Input and output protection circuit, the isolation voltage can be up to 4 kv
  • Flame retardant shell, the integration of structure vibration resistance, impact resistance, stable performance

Supplier Specification

  • Model: MRA-23D3
  • Relay type: solid state relay
  • Input: 3-32V DC
  • Output: 250V~ AC3A
  • Status indicates: green led luminous tube
  • Protection circuit: diode reverse polarity protection
  • Input/output response time: < 20ms
  • The isolation voltage rating: 4 kv
  • Working temperature: -25 ~ 60℃
  • Storage temperature: - 40 ~ 80℃
  • UL94 level of flame retardant: V - 0
  • Connection: screw connection
  • Weight: Approx.33g/1.1oz

How to switch LED lights with an SSR

Often, when switching a 240VAC LED light off with a triac, it starts flickering.

What is happening is the small (normal) leakage current flowing through the SSR slowly charges up a capacitor in the LED bulb, when the cap gets up to the minimum starting voltage for the driver chip inside, it tries to start, then dies out because the leakage is too low to continuously power it.

The solution is to place a high value resistor across the lamp, it will shunt away the leakage, preventing the flashing.

Try a 100K resistor of 1 watt as a starting point, if it still flashes, add more of the same in parallel.

Downside: A 100K resistor consumes 0.6 Watt when the LED is on, which is quite much for e.g. a 3 Watt LED light.