Test the OpenSmart TFT IL9320 Display 2.8 inch - touch function

Goal of the test

The test application shows the touch point coordinates and pressure.

Conditions for the test

VERY IMPORTANT: After every getPoint call, you have to set the 4 pins back to inputs again, otherwise the writing to the TFT display fails!!!!!

For better pressure precision, we need to know the resistance between X+ and X-. Use any multimeter to read it. For the one we're using, its 397 ohms.

Programming the Arduino with pio run -t upload only works when the display is unplugged from the Uno.

Result of the test

With tft.setRotation(0), which is portrait mode with the icons at the bottom, the touch screen coordinate numbers range as follows:

Side Coordinate
Left 914
Right 122
Top 932
Bottom 91


This project uses Platformio, see platformio.ini

Use the following commands:

$ pio run
$ pio run -t upload
$ pio run -t monitor

See folder : TestDisplaySrc

Code at: TestDisplaySrc.ino

Tags: domotica tests