The Clock Shield (or digital clock module) contains most common resources for a basic electronic project, like buttons, sensors, buzzer and display. Combined with an Arduino compatible motherboard it is a perfect start for beginners in the Arduino world.


1 Brand new handy and pretty cheap

2 Can be directly inserted on the compatible board for Arduino

3 On-board real-time clock chip

4 For Arduino rich supporting experimental routines with other SCM systems


Item Min Typical values Max Unit
Voltage 4.5 5 5.5 V
Current   80   mA
Size   74x59x30   mm
Net weight   35   g


Clock Shield interface as shown below:


Hardware resources

  • Battery Holder : Battery on the card to the real-time clock chip power supply, making the board can continue to power down timer
  • Buzzer : 5V DC buzzer , do alarm clock, key tone
  • Photoresistor : intensity of ambient light sensor
  • Thermistor: detecting environmental temperature
  • K1 ~ K3: SCM can be scanned directly touch of a button
  • U5: TM1636, namely, four 8-segment common anode LED Driver IC
  • U3: DS1307, namely, real-time clock chip
  • D1 ~ D4: blue, green, red, red, 3mm plug LED
  • Digital tube: 4 8 segments of positive points with a digital clock, and the decimal point is not displayed, only for identification purposes direction

Occupied Arduino pin resources

Total occupied nine digital pins, two analog input pins, an I2C interface

  • D2: control blue LED1
  • D3: Control the green LED2
  • D4: Control the red LED3
  • D5: Control the red LED4
  • D7: connection TM1636 clock pin SCLK
  • D8: TM1636 data connection pin DIO
  • D9: control keys K1
  • D10: control buttons K2
  • D11: control buttons K3
  • A0: poll readings from temperature sensor
  • A1: poll readings from light sensor
  • A4: connect the DS1307 I2C data pin SDA
  • A5: connect the DS1307 I2C clock pin SCL



Part List

1 x Clock Shield

Hi, Thank you for purchasing our products. You can download the documentations here: Clock Shield RTC module DS1307:

Schematics and program


The module can be programmed with the aid of the delivered libraries see the zipfile.