• Pressing the button toggles the state of the 230V socket for the printer between on and off.
  • When the printer switches on, a counter starts counting down, e. g. 30 minutes.
  • When the countdown reaches 0, the printer goes off automatically.
  • The printer can also be toggled remotely, via a web-interface.
  • Switching the socket remotely on causes the counter to start as if the "play" button was pressed.
  • A green LED next to the 230V socket indicates the state of the switch.
  • The housing shall be waterproof, so that this module can be used anywhere, also for other purposes.
  • The printer has a Schuko plug.

Used components

  • Lighting
  • One button with LED (constant on when powered)
  • One LED indicating the state of the output socket
  • French standard IP44 socket 16A 250VAC
Tags: domotica nodes