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  • Development board model: ESP32-DevKitC-32 30P
  • Module model: ESP32-WROOM-32
  • Main control chip: dual-core 32bit MCU
  • Integrated WiFi, Bluetooth,
  • Integrated RTC
  • External storage: 4MB
  • USB driver chip: CH340C, with good system compatibility, higher download speed, and more stability.
  • Support VIN external wide voltage input 5-12V power supply. Support USB power supply, external 3.3V power supply, and VIN power supply = three kinds of power supply.
  • Development board size: 52*28mm/weight about 9.5g.
  • Support ArduinoIDE mixly, mind+, Python and other programming software.


  • ESP32-DevKitC-32
  • Explanation for the "G", "V", "S" on the board: * G: Ground * V: the voltage determined by the jellow jumper * S: the closest Signal of the CPU board
ESP32Shield-2.jpg ESP32Shield-3.jpg ESP32Shield-4.jpg ESP32Shield-5.jpg