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Controllino Mega README Page Controllino ReadMe
NodeMCU_ESP8266 Page NodeMCU ESP8266 Lua Wifi V3 CH340
NRF24L01P-Module-E01ML01DP5 Page E01-ML01DP5 Long Range nRF24L01+ 2.4Ghz 100mW SMA Transceiver RF Module
Arduino Mega 2560 Page MEGA 2560 Rev3 ATmega2560 board with CH340G
W5100 Ethernet Shield for UNO / Mega Page Arduino Uno / Mega W5100 Ethernet Shield
Controllino Mega Page An industry ready, freely programmable PLC. It is based on Arduino Open Source Software Technology.
Arduino Pro Mini 3V3 Page Arduino Pro Mini Atmega328 3V3 8MHz
Window Open Alarm Page A cheap window alarm. It has a window reed contact and a battery compartment.
OLED Display SSD1306 Page OLED Display SSD1306 White 0.49 inch 64x32 pixels I2C
MOS FET PWM Module YYNMOS-1 Page Mosfet MOS Optocoupler Isolation Driver Module Field Effect Transistor Trigger Switch PWM Control Board 3-20V
RF-433Mhz-transmitter-receiver Page RF 433Mhz transmitter WL102-341 and receiver WL101-341
Input Isolation Board Page 12V/24V Input 5V Output Optocoupler Isolation 8 Channel Board
PowerSupply YwRobot Page The power supply for the breadboard
WellPro WP8026ADAM Page 16DI Digital input module / Optocoupler isolated / RS485 MODBUS RTU communications
Current Measure 5A Page 5A Range Current Sensor Module ACS712 for Arduino
NRF24L01P-Module-ebyte-E34 Page Ebyte E34-2G4D20D Long Range nRF24L01+ 2.4Ghz 100mW SMA Transceiver RF Module
FDTI Programmer Page FDTI programmer for Arduino
MAX44009 Ambient Light Sensor Module Page GY-49 MAX44009 Ambient Light Sensor Module for Arduino with 4P Pin Header Module
Relay Module 2 channel Page The dual channel SPDT relay module
NRF24L01+ SMD Adapter for Arduino Pro Mini 3V3 Page PCB adapter for Arduino Pro Mini 3.3v and SMD NRF24L01+
HLK-PM01 PowerSupply Page Sealed AC-DC 220V to 5V Step-Down Power Supply Module
NRF24L01+ Page NRF24L01+ wireless module for communication at 2.4GHz
StableNode Page Arduino with nRF24L01+ on board
Si7021 Module Page High Precision Si7021 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module
RFNanoTenstar Page Arduino with nRF24L01+ on board from Tenstar
Lighting Page Home lighting control module with mains Power supply, Arduino, nRF24L01+, triac, connects to a switch
OLED Display SSD1315 White Page OLED Display SSD1315 White 1.3 inch 128x64 pixels I2C
Relay Module 1 channel Page The single channel SPDT relay module
OpenSmartStore Clock Shield Page Clock Shield RTC module DS1307 module Multifunction Expansion Board with 4 Digit Display Light Sensor and Thermistor For Arduino
NRF24L01+ Adapter Page Socket adapter for Arduino Pro Mini 5V that provide 3.3v regulated power to the radio. Solder free.
RC Absorption Snubber / Modules Page RC Absorption/Snubber Circuit Module Relay Contact Protection Resistance Surge
SensebenderMicro Page MySensors own CPU module compatible with Arduino
OLED Display SH1106 Blue Page OLED Display SH1106 Blue 1.3 inch 128x64 pixels I2C
KY-040 Rotary Encoder Page KY-040 Rotary Encoder sensor Module
MeanWell MDR-60-12 Page DIN rail mounted 12V 60W Power Supply
NRF24L01+ SMD Page Small NRF24L01+ module with SMD connector
OpenSmartStore ILI9320 Touch LCD Page 2.8 inch TFT ILI9320 Touch LCD
MOS FET PWM Module D4184 Page 15A 400W MOS FET Trigger Switch Drive Module PWM Regulator Control Panel AOD4184
CO2-sensor-T6703-5K Page CO2 sensor T6703-5K
RFNanoKeywish Page Arduino with nRF24L01+ on board from Keywish
Arduino Nano 5V Page Cheap version of the Arduino Nano Atmega328P 5V 16MHz with CH340G
OpenSmartStore UNO Page OPEN-SMART 5V / 3.3V Compatible UNO R3 (CH340G) ATMEGA328P Development Board with USB Cable for Arduino UNO R3
TCA9548A I2C Multiplexer 1-to-8 Page TCA9548A I2C Multiplexer 1-to-8 Breakout board
DCDC2to5 Page DCDC 2V-5V to 5V 2A Step Up Boost Supply Module
W5100 Ethernet Page Arduino W5100 Ethernet Shield
NRF24L01+ Antenna Page NRF24L01+ with external antenna
Modules Page A list of domotica modules