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Brand and Type number

Guition 4848S040

Supplier information

  • To download the program via the USB-TYPE-C connector on MS-Windows, you probably need to install the driver for CH340, which is included in the driver package - no need to install a driver if you do not use MS-Windows.
  • Regarding computer power supply, it is not recommended to use a laptop USB port. Instead, use the USB 3.0 port of a desktop computer because the screen is in WiFi mode and the instantaneous current is relatively high. If the module still cannot be powered, you can try using a mobile phone charger to power it.
  • The LCD module adopts the Esp32-S3-Wroom-1 module as the main control, the main control is a dual-core MCU, which has integrated Wi-Fi and bluetooth functions. The main control frequency can reach 240MHz, has 512kiB SRAM, 384kiB ROM, 8MiB PSRAM. The flash size is 16MiB. The display resolution is 480*480. The display is of type IPS, and is fitted with capacitive touch. The module includes an LCD display screen, backlight control circuit and touch screen control circuit. There is a TF card interface and I/O Interface, the module supports Arduino IDE, ESP IDE, MicroPython, Mixly and other development environments.

  • Product Size: 86.00 X 86.00 X 14.00 MM / 3.39 X 3.39 X 0.55 Inch.
  • Type(Optional): 1 or 3 Way Relay.
  • ESP32-S3-N16R8 which is Espressif notation for 16MB QIO Flash and 8MB OPI PSRAM.


ESP32-S3 4.0 Inch Smart Display for Arduino LVGL WiFi Bluetooth Development Board Central Control Panel LCD TFT module.

Download link:


  • Compatible With: ESP32 / Arduino / LVGL
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Screen size: 4.0 inch
  • Module size: 68mm square standard European in-wall box
  • Brand: Guition
  • Screen resolution: 480*480
  • Type nr: ESP32-4848S040

User Comments

  • Super Screen!! Reflashed it to the openHASP and connected it to the Home Assistant. Everything is gag and shows.
  • Item as described. Good quality materials. The demo soft work fine.
  • Great with openHASP
  • I wish there was an external accessible connector for sensors, otherwise the device looks promising.

Software installation

Not finished, not completely described yet, see ./software.


CH340 and NS4168

  • Serial interface: CH340
  • Audio I²S interface class D amplifier: NS4168 datasheet.
  • TFCard card slot
  • Touch controller: GT911



The module is described at

ST7701 Display driver

Driver IC manufacturer application Details
ST7701 Sitronix TFT LCD The ST7701S is a 16.7M-color System-on-Chip (SOC) driver LSI designed for small and medium sizes of TFT LCD display and capable of supporting up to 480xRGBx864 in resolution which can transmit graphic data without RAM. The 480-channel source driver has true 8-bit resolution, which generates 256 Gamma-corrected values by an internal D/A converter.

Adding a SHT40 temperature sensor

See ./Adding-a-SHT40.