Supplier description

  1. Model: YYNMOS-1
  2. Input and output are completely isolated
  3. Input Signal: 3-20V PWM signal
  4. Output Capacity: DC 3.7-27V, and the current is within 10A
  5. PWM Frequency: 0-20KHz


The output port can control high power devices, such as motors, lamps, LED lamp strings, DC motors, micro water pumps, electromagnet valves; it can input PWM to control motor rotate speed and the brightness of a lamp.

Interface Introduction

Pin Specification
DC+ device DC power positive
DC- device DC power negative
PWM signal input port (connects MCU IO ports, PLC interface, DC power)
GND signal negative port
OUT+ output port positive (connects device positive)
OUT- output port negative (connects device negative)
p2.png p3.png

Product application

p4.png p5.png p6.png