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SHT30, the whole is made of glue and waterproof treatment, to prevent condensation and cause short circuit damage to the sensor. Onboard 10K pull-up resistor and 100nF filter capacitor. The sensor PCB board is encapsulated in the protective cover of the PE cylinder, and it is led out through a 30cm 4PIN 24 electronic wire, and the interface is HY2.0-4P (2.0 with lock).

In order to prevent the water molecules inside the sheath from condensing into water when the ambient temperature is lowered, which causes the circuit board to be short-circuited or the sensor is damaged, we have applied glue to the circuit board and potted the mouth of the sheath. No interference to the measured value.

  • I²C address: 0X44
  • Connector type: HY2.0-4P (2.0 with lock)

SHT30 Specification

The SHT30 is a ±2% digital humidity and temperature sensor with filter membrane.


  • Typ. relative humidity accuracy 2 %RH
  • Operating relative humidity range 0 - 100 %RH
  • Response time (τ63%) 8 s
  • Protective option Filter membrane
  • Calibration certificate Factory calibration


  • Typ. temperature accuracy 0.2 °C
  • Operating temperature range -40 - 125 °C
  • Response time (τ63%) > 2 s


  • Supply voltage 2.4 - 5.5 V
  • Average supply current 1.7 uA
  • Max. supply current 1500 uA
  • Interfaces I²C
  • Package size (LxWxH) 2.5 x 2.5 x 0.9 mm³

SHT30 Datasheet

See for manufacturer documents.



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The SHT30 has 2 user selectable I2C addresses; however, on the module this connection is fixed, so that the only I²C address is 0x44. Use the TCA9548A multiplexer to connect up to 8 of these modules to a single I²C bus - which has the added advantage of voltage level conversion.

Official Arduino driver library at

Sample code zip file.