PCB bottom layer
PCB bottom layer

Supplier info

  • NRF24l01 1.27mm Arduino Pro Mini Adapter
  • author: insanity_wolf
  • 2 layer board of 0.64 x 0.71 inches (16.3 x 18.1 mm)
  • Uploaded: October 28th 2015
  • Shared: October 28th 2015
  • Total Price: $2.25

An adapter or “mini shield” for the SMD breakout boards of the NRF24l01+ for the Arduino pro mini. Room for bypass cap. The VCC and GND have to be wired by yourself, as well as the IRQ pin.

overview1.png overview2.jpg
NRF24L01+ SMD pin Function Arduino Mini Pro pin
1 +3.3V (NC) connect with wire
2 GND (NC) connect with wire
3 CE D9
4 CSN D10
5 SCK D13
6 MOSI D11
7 MISO D12
8 IRQ NC (pad 3)

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