Test the OpenSmart TFT IL9320 Display 2.8 inch

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Open-Smart 2.8" TFT LCD Shield with ILI9320 driver working now

Hello Arduino fans,

I had a problem with 2,8" TFT LCD shield with ILI9320 driver, producer /Open Smart/.

Maybe someone has the same problem and this can help…

Device: http://www.gudreviews.com/boards-shields/623914432/open-smart-quot-tft-lcd-touch.html

(can operate with 5 VDC, can be plugged as Arduino UNO (MEGA) shield).

Problem: The screen of TFT LCD is still white, no matter which of (demo) programs I used.

What I tried: As I've read on few forums, or as I have seen on few websites, I did following:

I tried several libraries (original Adafruit_GFX, MCUFRIEND_kvb…). The best, with description, that it was tested with ILI9320, looks the library here:


It's bundled pack with other needed libraries like Adafruit_GFX, OPENSMART_TFT and TouchScreen.

OPENSMART_TFT is basically the good known MCUFRIEND_kbv with added examples and probably some minor changes. This library shouldn't be installed via Library manager but must be just copied into your library folder.

the library Adafruit_TFTLCD_Library must (can) be installed using the Library manager.

as I have a shield (not a wired breadboard), I've uncommented the


in the Adafruit_TFTLCD.h file from Adafruit_TFTLCD_Library.

also I checked, that the shield is really connected to correct pins of Arduino, as described in pin_magic.h from Adafruit_TFTLCD_Library

also I added in /MCUFRIEND_kbv.cpp/ support for the driver:

#define SUPPORT_9320

#define SUPPORT_9300

(for both of this drivers, as one detection program shows the ID of ILI9320, one of ILI9300).

Note - and this is important - you can't have two MCUFRIEND_kbv libraries installed. MCUFRIEND_kbv is already bundled in OPENSMART_TFT library, and if there is one more MCUFRIEND_kbv, then during linking the original MCUFRIEND_kbv is used, which won't work with this ILI9320 driver! So it's wise to move original /MCUFRIEND_kbv/ somewhere to backup folder, or delete it.

Result: Now the device works OK. Important notes are, that:

Adafruit examples which come with Adafruit libraries are not working.

the original MCUFRIEND_kvb is also not working, so modified from OPENSMART_TFT must be used

the examples which come with OPENSMART_TFT are working well.

To program the Arduino Uno, you have to unplug the display and connect the USB to the PC. Program it by running ' pio run -t upload' . Then, unplug the USB, plug the display in the Uno, then attach a power source.

The test application shows the actual temperature.

Documentation in MCUFRIEND_kbv

This text taken from https://github.com/prenticedavid/MCUFRIEND_kbv/blob/master/extras/mcufriend_how_to.txt

19. OPEN-SMART Shields have different wiring to regular Uno Shields
      Edit utility/mcufriend_shield.h:  #define USE_SPECIAL
      Edit utility/mcufriend_special.h: #define USE_OPENSMART_SHIELD_PINOUT
      Edit MCUFRIEND_kbv.cpp:           #define SUPPORT_8352B

20. OPEN-SMART Shields can not read LM75A on a Mega because there are no SDA/SCL pins next on AREF header.
      Uno:  LM75A on pcb works.  Difficult to add external I2C devices when Shield is plugged in.
      Uno:  All use of SPI bus should use SPI.beginTransaction(), SPI.endTransaction()
      Leo:  I do not support USE_OPENSMART_SHIELD_PINOUT_LEO
      Mega: Old boards do not have SDA/SCL on AREF header.   Only external I2C devices on COMMS header
      Due:  MAX809 Reset chip interferes with 3.3V RST on SPI header.  Manual reset for Upload / Run.


This project uses Platformio, see platformio.ini

Use the following commands:

$ pio run
$ pio run -t upload
$ pio run -t monitor

See folder : TestDisplaySrc

Code at: TestDisplaySrc.ino

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